Mar 30 2018

Unique features of book: Modern Europe, 1815-1899 by Walter Allison Phillips

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Book title: Modern Europe, 1815-1899 (London: Rivingtons, 1901)
Book is by: Walter Allison Phillips

Book is part of an eight part series entitled: Periods of European History


Other Details

Price of the book was 6 schillings in 1901. The complete set had a cost of two pounds, 8 schillings.


This book contains the following maps:

  • Map to Illustrate the distribution of races in Austria-Hungary
  • Map to illustrate the unification of Italy
  • Europe in 1875
  • General map to illustrate the Treaty of Berlin (Berlin Congress, July 13th 1878)

All maps are by John Bartholomew & Co.

New expressions/words you can learn in this book

by dint of: by means of.

Example: and now the world, having by dint of desperate effort thrown off the incubus

Paraphrase: Society, through desperation got rid of the evil entity

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